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Why Choose LMCHS?

There are many reasons for choosing to attend Lemoore Middle College High School and take advantage of our innovative programs and high performing, college prepratory environment. However, we also know that you probably have a lot of questions about what the differences are between our school and your other options. We hope that this page will help answer some of those questions. We are also happy to set up a meeting to share our program with you. Please feel free to call us at 559-925-3552.

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LMCHS Difference Chart

This chart shows the differences between our offerings and a traditional school as well as the difference with our graduation requirements.

FAQ's Continued

Will my student take classes with college students?

Yes. College courses taken by LMCHS students are the same courses taken by all other West Hills College students. There are usually several LMCHS students in each class, but not always.

Is there help for my student if they begin to struggle?

Absolutely! Students can take part in tutoring for high school and college classes. We also offer lab classes for students who need extra help with the instructor.

Can my student play sports at Lemoore High while attending LMCHS?

Yes, students who live in the LUHSD boundaries are able to play sports at Lemoore High while attending LMCHS. Your child can also take part in intramural sports during lunch hour.

LMCHS is recognized, since 2015, as a CA Gold Ribbon High School.   The only high school in Kings County that is a Gold Ribbon High School.  Additionally, LMCHS was recognized as a California Distiinguished School in 2019, the only school in Kings County to receive the honor.


LMCHS is recognized as an AVID Site of Distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my student have an Associates Degree when they graduate from high school?

Although this is possible and many students choose this path, it is not the primary focus of the school. The regular program allows students to take a minimum of 40 college units in their 4 years, but students certainly have the option of going beyond that.

Do I have to pay for the college classes and books?

No! All of your student’s classes are free up to 11.5 units per semester. Plus, we provide all of your students college books.

Will my student have a regular 8 AM - 3 PM school day?

Technically, yes. However, your student will have college class time embedded into their school day. We work to provide college classes that fit into the "regular" school day hours. Your student may choose to take extra college classes or extra high school electives that go beyond that school day if they have transportation. Additionally, LMCHS is on a block schedule to accommodate college classes.

Will I need to provide transportation for my student?

Lemoore Middle College High School is part of the Lemoore Area Schools busing route. Our students use the same buses as Lemoore High. If your child lives outside of LUHSD boundaries, you will have to provide transportation or use public transportation options. Many of our out of city parents carpool.